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To My Faithful Companion

There I was, sitting at home, supposed to be working, and I happened across a photo of my old travel companion.  Photography can be a solitary pursuit, I always feel bad if I’m with someone who has to hang around while I sit, looking like I’m doing a great deal, and half an hour later saying, “Okay, I’m done”.  But I have some understanding (or lazy) friends, so it usually works out okay.  I am, however, slightly eccentric (well, I like to think so), and so for those times when I was traveling alone, I befriended Boris, a young, ebullient, plush octopus, who accompanied me on many an adventure, until his head kind of split open and he was forced to retire to a shelf in the living room where, to this day, he still tastes like sea salt.
Back then, I think I had a Sony DSC-P1.  You know if a camera model number is basically “1”, it’s either a really swanky Canon, or really, really old.  Clearly, these photos weren’t taken on a Canon 1D, <sigh>.  Still, it got me thinking – Boris was always a great way of getting to talk to people.  Believe it or not, I’m not great at striking up conversationsBoris the octopus at Sydney aquarium with total strangers, but people liked to talk to Boris, well, maybe about Boris, not everyone is as weird as me (yeah, yeah, I licked a toy octopus, we’ve moved on from there, keep up).  I’ve had special attention (okay, in retrospect, perhaps not the right kind of special) at a few aquaria, and Boris has always been popular with children.  A group of them stole him in Montreal, and when you’re stressed and worried for your travel companion’s safety, it’s difficult to look sane running around shouting about your octopus in French.  Especially when you don’t know the word for octopus, yet.  “Poulpe” will be the last word of French I forget.  So, I’m thinking a new, young traveling companion may be the order of the day.  I found a lobster in the loft last weekend, but do I stay aquatic, or should I stay land-based.  As much as I love being in the water, I’m not going to have camera housing any time soon.  Any suggestions?

Boris the octopus snuggling up to Molly Mallone Boris the octopus, out with a mateI’m not sure there’s an animal out there that could so adeptly charm his way into the bosom of a young woman, or so easily form a friendship with any number of water-fowl.  In the meantime, my pet photography services are at your disposal.